[WATCH] Hillary Just Got BAD NEWS From The FBI – It is ON!

[WATCH] Hillary Just Got BAD NEWS From The FBI - It is ON!

They are just fighting with technicalities now. Hillary has been lying through her teeth and everyone knows it. Last week we had a mini break through. The FBI will be interviewing Hillary, and yet there are still idiots out there supporting her!


So they interview her.


Don’t forget who still runs the free world.

As long as Barack Obama is in office, Hillary Clinton will never be charged with anything. Sad, but true. He wants her to win in November.

Say what you want about Donald Trump, but at least he’s not under investagtion by the FBI for murder amoung other things. Our country has turned so Liberal we don’t even have consiquences for our actions, because we fear hurting a felons feelings.

H/T to IHaveTheTruth

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