Trans Actress Plans To Defy North Carolina Bathroom Law By “Pis$%[email protected] In All The Wrong Restrooms”

A transgender actress and activist preparing to embark on a traveling performance tour of North Carolina plans to take photos of herself urinating “in all the wrong bathrooms” to protest the state’s recent passage of what critics have called an anti-LGBT bathroom law.

Shakina Nayfack is set to perform in Durham, Charlotte and Raleigh next month as part of the Manifest Pussy: Post Op tour. But the state’s recently-enacted HB 2 — which mandates that transgender individuals use the public restroom that corresponds with their biological sex — gave Nayfack an idea for a novel way to protest the law.

“They are trying to create a situation where trans people are supposed to be invisible,” the New York City-based artist told the Guardian this week. “This is an absurd, panicked reaction from the ignorant, it’s a massive step backwards, so I felt it was my duty to go down there and take selfies in as many men’s bathrooms as possible.”

According to the Huffington Post, the actress plans to take photographs in men’s rooms across the state, including of a “well-hydrated visit” to the state Capitol in Raleigh. Nayfack is crowd-funding the tour, with money raised from performances going to organizations in North Carolina working to get the law repealed.

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