Major News Network To Begin Airing Islamic Prayers To Feel More Inclusive…

The BBC is claiming that they may start broadcasting Muslim prayers to reflect the growing Muslim demographic that is starting to shape a once great British island, into a European Mecca.

The BBC claims that its religious leanings are often too Christian and do not reflect the increasing multiculturalism that is shaping European nations, forced upon them by the open border policies of the leftist socialist European Union.

In an article that was published by The Telegraph on Sunday it goes on to report the recent move by the BBC. The article reads in part,

The BBC’s religious output is too Christian, an internal review by the Corporation has concluded, opening the way for more programmes on other faiths.

A report by Aaqil Ahmed, the BBC’s head of religion and ethics, has suggested Muslim, Hindu and Sikh faiths should get more airtime.

One Muslim leader suggested the review could lead to Friday prayers from a mosque being broadcast in the same way that Christian church services currently feature in the BBC’s schedules.

The report is now being considered by Lord Hall, the director general, who could make changes to make religious output less “disproportionate”, the Sunday Times (£) reported.

Mr Ahmed told a Commons meeting on religious literacy he had written a report for Lord Hall that would answer criticisms from non-Christian faiths that they were under-served.

Mr Ahmed said in a statement: “Christianity remains the cornerstone of our output and there are more hours dedicated to it than there are to other faiths.

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