[PHOTOS] Woman Bit By Shark Races To ER With Shark Still Clinging To Her!


The experts are always assuring us that sharks aren’t the monsters portrayed in Jaws and other films. But we’ve all seen Shark Week and we know that our limbs don’t stand a chance in the presence of a shark. Even the bravest of us can’t help but think back to those Discovery Channel specials whenever we go in the ocean. And, as one unlucky woman will tell you, there really is no escaping those jaws.

A 2-foot-long nurse shark sunk its teeth into a woman’s arm— and it didn’t let go.

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Even after the shark died, it remained latched on to the 23-year-olds snorkeler’s arm, Newsyreports. Of course this happened in Boca Raton, Florida because all ridiculous news stories happen in Florida.

…And nurse sharks are supposed to be the nice sharks.

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According to the National Park Service, nurse sharks tend to be more “laid back” than other (ferocious) sharks. A local conservationist told WPTV that nurse shark bites only happen several times a year…. Although, we’re guessing that information isn’t particularly comforting to the woman who has some teethmarks in her arm.

So how, exactly did this happen?

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The shark “might have been startled by someone,” lifeguard Mike Glusac told WPTV. “She may have just brushed her arm into it and he might have grabbed on.” Apparently, these bites don’t happen without provocation. “Close to 100 percent of the so-called attacks are actually the case where someone is messing with the shark because it’s so docile,” conservationist and shark expert Jim Abernethy said. Side note: shark expert has to be the world’s best job title.

If you plan on avoiding these sharks forever, here’s what you need to know.

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Nurse sharks, which typically grow to be somewhere between 7.5 and 9.5 feet long, reside in warm, shallow waters…. So, avoid the beach forever and you should be fine!

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