Fisherman Spots Something Odd In What Appears To Be An Abandoned Pickup Truck… On Closer Inspection He Witnesses HORROR

Authorities in Texas say a man’s headless body was found in a pickup truck parked at a boat ramp. The body was found May 3 in a blue Chevrolet pickup truck near the Austin Bayou waterway, and has since been identified as Jubal Dee Alexander, from Port Arthur, Texas.

Alexander was living out of the truck after moving to Brazoria County to work at a plant, according to Brazoria County Sheriff’s Capt. Chris Kincheloe.

The cause of death has not yet been determined, Kincheloe told CBS News. It’s not clear if Alexander was alive or dead when decapitated, but the case is being handled as a homicide investigation, Kincheloe said.

Jubal Alexander was taking after his father, working in chemical plants across Texas. The father and son just had dinner together days before his son was murdered and decapitated in Angleton.

Alexander’s father said, “They cut my son’s head off and they took my son’s head. Who would do that? They won’t even let me see him.” Jubal’s son was sleeping in his truck under this bridge on FM 2004 in Angleton. The 24-year-old was trying to save up money for bills, working at a local chemical plant as a pipe fitter. Friends and family say he was never trouble.

Alexander described his son’s work ethic. “He wanted me to be proud of him, so we worked exceptionally hard,” he said. “His shift was a 10-hour, maybe a 13-hour shift. He worked all night long. ”

The family also says their son wasn’t robbed. They say Jubal’s wallet was found inside his truck with cash inside along with his guitar. A fisherman who is also a Galveston police officer found Jubal in his truck.

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