Mass “Demonic Possesion” Sweeps Across School, Reports Of Terrible Visions And Seizures

Almost 100 schoolchildren are thought to have been ‘possessed’ by the devil – and see visions of a man in black trying to kill them. In what has been described as a mass case of demonic possession, the pupils in Peru are experiencing seizures alongside their horrifying hallucinations.

Experts have struggled to explain the strange goings-on, which also include widespread convulsions and fainting at the school, reportedly built on a Mafia graveyard. According to local reports, as many as 80 students at the Elsa Perea-Flores School in northern Peru’s Tarapoto have been experiencing the supposedly contagious ‘condition’ since last month.

Children aged between 11 and 14 are reportedly fainting and having strong muscular convulsions. Shocking video footage shows pupils who are barely conscious, repeatedly screaming, and who appear to be delirious.

100 schoolkids possessed by devil
Pupils have experienced horrifying visions, fainting spells and seizures

Doctor Antony Choy told national channel Panamericana TV: “We don’t understand how this has kept on going on. “We know it started on 29th April and now it is still happening. Now there are almost 80 pupils [still affected].”

Elsa de Pizango, a concerned mother whose daughter has experienced some of the symptoms, said: “She fainted in school. They didn’t say anything at the hospital. She just fainted. She keeps on spitting froth from her mouth.”

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