BREAKING: Look Who Just Took Credit For EgyptAir Flight Tragedy… Trump Was Right

The world awoke this morning to news that an EgyptAir plane had disappeared from radar with 69 people on board. As the hours wore on, more and more officials conceded that this was likely an act of terrorism.

Now, unconfirmed reports indicate that the Islamic State terror group has indeed taken responsibility for this brutal act of terror that has most likely claimed the lives of all those who were on board.

Wreckage of the plane was not immediately located, so it was impossible to say for certain whether or not terrorism indeed brought down the plane.

It will likely be several weeks before anything can be confirmed by investigators, but if this was an act of terrorism it just goes to show that everything Trump has been saying for months is coming true.

Given how prevalent terrorism has been in the Middle East and Europe over the past few months, it isn’t that hard to believe that terrorism was responsible for this tragedy, according to at least one terror expert.

If this is indeed terrorism, then investigators will be looking to see if the plane was brought down by a hijacking, or by a bomb placed on board the aircraft.

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