[WATCH] School Gives White Teacher Nasty Surprise After Black Thug Calls Him ‘N’ Word

[WATCH] School Gives White Teacher Nasty Surprise After Black Thug Calls Him 'N' Word

Do you believe that this teacher has a compelling case and should sue the School System? I do!

After becoming sick of a thug wannabe’s attitude in the classroom, a white teacher finally said enough is enough. However, things would take a turn when the black student became upset, resulting in him calling the teacher a “n*gg*r” – and that’s when the school decided to give the teacher a nasty surprise.

It all started in Hewlett High School in Hewlett, New York, when physical education teacher Chris Passuello saw that one of his students had his cell phone out. Rather than put it away after the fifth time of being addressed about it, the boy simply started mouthing off to the teacher.

At this point, students pulled out their cell phones to record the incident – and then things really exploded. “You don’t listen to anyone,” Passuello shouted. “I am respectfully asking you to put your phone down! You don’t! I’m respectfully asking you to stop talking! You don’t! You just don’t stop!”

It seems as though this young punk was only looking for a fight as he continued to irk his teacher with every chance he got. Pretty soon the shouting evolved into obscenities on account of the boy.

“You don’t need to touch your face on my face! That’s the thing! You don’t have to get in my f***ing bubble!” the student yelled. However, his teacher quickly grew tired of his crap. “You are so tough! You’re tough!” the teacher sarcastically shot back. “This is really intimidating!”

The student wasn’t done there as he wanted to take things even further and decided to do so by calling his teacher the n-word. “You’re calling me a n*gg*r?” the coach asked. “Get out of the class!” Unfortunately, school administrators have since seen the footage and decided to gift Passuello with quite the nasty surprise.

According to reports, Passuello has been suspended for his use of the word. In an unbelievable turn of events, a man who merely repeated a word – and didn’t use it in a derogatory manner – was suspended for something that someone else said.

What kind of world are we living in where a disrespectful punk actually thinks it’s acceptable to act in such a way? Furthermore, why is the man who has clearly grown tired of putting up with this thug, punished when he says enough is enough? Unfortunately for the school, Passuello has a few loving students that feel the consequences of the incident were unjustly placed. In fact, they’ve begun protesting to get their teacher back.

The school is sticking to their guns and refusing to comment on account of “privacy issues.” Apparently, white people can’t use the n-word under any circumstance, despite the fact that some blacks can freely throw it around.

We’re living in a severely messed up world if a black student says a word without consequence, but it’s considered wrong for his white teacher to repeat it for confirmation of what he heard. Welcome to the entitled generation that the left is bringing to the table – I shudder to think how tomorrow’s children will act under such practices.

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