Mass Victim Suspect Posts To Facebook Just Hours After He Murdered 5 Friends

Just hours after investigators say he shot and killed five of his friends and set a house on fire to cover the evidence, Jeffrey Peacock posted on his Facebook page, “Well I don’t think this year can get any worse.”

The 25-year-old served in the Marine Corps, but little is known about his service. What is known is that he was apparently good friends with the victims.

A picture posted on social media just last month shows Peacock happily posing with three people he would soon be accused of murdering.

GBI agents say the victims, Jonathon Edwards, Alicia Norman, Reid Williams, Jones Pidcock, and Jordan Croft were killed by gunfire at a home on Rossman Dairy Road. All were between the ages of 19 and 22 years old.

It’s not clear how long they had been dead when the home was set on fire.


This crime is one the worst mass killings in South Georgia in more than a decade.

The last such crime, also  in Colquitt County, left five dead in 2004. Jaime and Tina Resendez, her mother, their 3-year old son, and their housekeeper were gunned down in their home. It was a hit believed to be connected to the couple’s cooperation in a drug case.

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