There Is An Exotic Car Rally Raising Awareness For Veteran Groups, Heres How You Can Join!

If you think that 22 people committing suicide every day from the same group sounds too exaggerated to be true, you are wrong.

22 suicides a day

Every 65 minutes a military veteran in this country takes their own life. That’s correct. Soldiers!

With numbers this large, the media should be all over it, right? Wrong. This is one statistic that is being swept under the rug.

The Tactical 2200 is trying to change that.

The 2200’s Main Objective is to raise awareness about “The 22,” the vets who end their own lives daily. The intention is to cause a stir and gain attention by traveling across the U.S as a convoy of up to 100, particularly noticeable, vehicles.

From the site:

The Tactical 2200 is a Rally across The U.S comprised of Tactical Trucks, Lifted Trucks, Pre-Runners, Exotics and any other type of Crazy or Interesting Vehicle that will make a statement!

Exotic car rally

Exotic car rally

Organizers wanted an event that would combine FUN with raising awareness for this important cause. It’s not a race, but there are timed checkpoints.

Anyone who wants to take part can contact The Tactical 2200 for details.

If you’re one of the many who can’t participate in the rally, but would love to support the cause, they have  decals available. You can always help just by spreading the word about the event on social media.

Veteran suicides are on the rise and few want to talk about it.

The White House will not be arranging a press conference on this topic with anybody’s parents by the President’s side. No short-haired women on MSNBC will be ranting about this injustice.

Leo Sher, MD has published and article in which he states “In military veterans, depression,posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and suicidal thoughts are common and closely linked. Veterans are less likely to seek care and more likely to act successfully on suicidal thoughts.”

22 suicides a day is an insane number.You can join the Tactical 2200 in bringing it to ZERO. (Then it will match the amount of sleep Obama has lost over this issue.)

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source: The Tactical 2200

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