When Verbal Judo And Hand-To-Hand Fail, You Need The Gun

When Verbal Judo And Hand-To-Hand Fail, You Need The Gun

No matter how nice you are, or how much verbal judo you practice, sometimes you just gotta win a gunfight to survive. These officers practiced Active Self Protection in coming out alive from this one!

Original video and news story of the officer involved shooting: https://get-asp.com/slix there is a LOT more context in the original…like 9 minutes of them talking nicely to the guy.

What does this officer involved shooting teach CCW and LEO alike about surviving a murder attempt?

The root word of gunfight is “fight,” not “gun.” Whether you carry a firearm or not, recognize that you need to know how to fight and protect yourself against an attacker! Even if you do carry a firearm, you need empty-handed skills to be able to fight your way to your gun or defend yourself before you get the opportunity to draw. To think otherwise is madness. –Active Self Protection

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