Gunmaker Offers Free Rifles For Guard Towers On Trump Border Wall

A Phoenix-based firearms manufacturer recently made an offer Donald Trump can’t refuse. Patriot Ordnance Factory founder Frank DeSomma sent a message through psychic medium and videographer Ben Philippi to the likely Republican presidential nominee offering firepower for one of the campaign promises the real estate tycoon has made.   

“Patriot Ordinance Factory will put a free rifle in every guard tower along the border of the wall you build. Remember, go Donald Trump, vote for gun rights. Do not take away our rights,” DeSomma told during this weekend’s NRA convention in Louisville.

Trump has frequently claimed he will build a wall at the U.S. southern border with Mexico, which stretches some 1,989 miles from San Diego at the southern edge of California, through Arizona and New Mexico, to the southern-most point at Brownsville, Texas.

As Trump ratchets up the rhetoric on his proposed wall, migrants increasingly flock to the border at the prospect of a more difficult crossing, the Washington Post reports.

The NRA recently endorsed Trump at the annual convention when he took the stage with the gun lobby group’s two top executives before delivering a well-received speech.

Apart from the criticism over cost, Trump’s idea to build a wall has been a controversial one, with many of those most outspoken calling out the Republican candidate for his views on immigration. Not only would Trump build a wall to stem the flow of people coming into the U.S. illegally, he would deport those currently residing here without current documentation, which analysts have calculated could cost upwards of $600 billion.

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