Battered Women’s Shelter Are Being Forced To Take in Men Who Identify as Women

This isn’t about empathy or sympathy… this is about Barack Obama hating women and young girls. He’s now left them with no place to safely turn to. In Oregon, at battered women’s shelters, they are now being forced to take in transgenders who will sleep, bathe and relieve themselves with the women and children there. Where are the feminists on this?

From Breitbart:

Oregon women seeking shelter from homelessness or abusive men are being forced to share sleeping and bathroom facilities with men who “self-identify” as a woman. State anti-discrimination laws in that state require these women’s shelters to take in men who “self-identify” as a woman, a sheltered woman reported.

Malka Davis was trying to find shelter, like many other women, from living on the streets after running out of options, she wrote in anopinion piece in The Oregonian. While returning to the shelter one day, Davis noticed several of her female shelter companions in distress. She said one woman had “left the shelter in terror.”

Why? The shelter admitted a man to the facility who “self-identified” as a woman. The realization of a man in their midst brought shock and fear to the female residents of the shelter.

This is beyond disgusting and shows how little respect Obama has for women. Women fleeing an abusive relationship just need a moment to feel safe and secure, away from males. In essence, he is abusing these women all over again and using the government to do it. You may be asking where the republicans are on this issue, and the last I heard they are supporting it. In all honesty, did you think those spineless cowards would do anything about this either?

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