Farmers Are Stunned When In Just A Split-Second A Dozen Cows Die

A Missouri farmer and his son made a sad and shocking discovery on their farm after a storm made its way through small town on Wednesday morning.

Chase Hagin went to inspect a 200-year-old tree in Edgar Springs that had been hit by lightning when he realized that the tree was not the only thing the lightning struck. Also hit were a dozen cattle, including two pregnant cows, three calves and one registered bull.

“I came over the hill and I saw this and I was on the phone with my dad and I kept counting more and more,” Hagin told KTVI. “He got off the phone because he thought I was lying.”

Hagin said he believed that after the weather turned bad and it began to hail, the cows sought shelter under the tree. Lightning struck a few minutes later.

Quarter-sized hail was reported in the area.

The Hagin family, which has been in the farming business for generations, estimated the loss to be around $28,000. Luckily, 50 of the family’s cows were unharmed.

News coverage of the incident HERE

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