He Didn’t Realize His Wife Was Filming When He Did This to His Daughter

Those who are lucky enough to have a wonderful father will agree that dads are truly one of the greatest gifts a child can have. And sure, they’re the ultimate protector, but dads are also great for a laugh — whether it’s with them or at them. Dads will try to do anything to make their kids smile, even if it means making others burst out into laughter at their own expense.

If you need any more proof of how awesome dads are, simply watch the video below. The video, courtesy of America’s Funniest Home Videos, shows a compilation of nine dads who have got the whole “parenting” thing down pat. Using humor, light-heartedness, and even some resourceful skills, these guys prove they’re more than capable of taking care of a tiny human being.

At the 1:17 mark, for example, you see a dad doing the whole “I’ve got your nose” trick, only to be met with his daughter’s tears and anger. But in an instant, Dad knows exactly how to get back into his little girl’s good graces. Or at the 2:04 mark, we meet a daddy-daughter duo who work together to perfect the most fun and playful game of all time. And every time, there’s Mom behind the camera, completely cracking up at her goofy, loving husband.

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