[WATCH] How One Man Snuck A GUN Into A Cop Car Then Blasted His Way Out!

[WATCH] How One Man Snuck A GUN Into A Cop Car Then Blasted His Way Out!

How did the officers miss this?

The incident took place in the Highland Park suburb on June 4 of last year. After a brief struggle, Dallas officers arrested David Hartman, 32, on suspicion of stealing a motorcycle. Hartman was handcuffed and searched and placed in the back of the patrol car. But moments later he slipped his cuffs and presented a compact handgun. He shot out the window and fled on foot, but only made it several steps before being  shot by officers.

The officer that searched Hartman missed the handgun, and Austin Police Association President Wayne Vincent says he knows exactly why.

Vincent said, “It’s just another stark reminder that we as police officers cannot let our guard down no matter who we think we’re talking to and who we’re dealing with.”

The officer performed more of a pat down than an actual search. If a suspect is detained, but not arrested, it’s appropriate to pat them down. If a suspect is arrested, a full out search is required.

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