[VIDEO] Woman Flips Out On Flight, Strips Naked

[VIDEO] Woman Flips Out On Flight, Strips Naked

I wonder why she thought stripping would help her to be more “safe?”


A terrified passenger rolled around on the floor and then stripped naked after telling everyone on board the plane was going to crash.

The dramatic moment was caught on camera, as the woman is heard shouting “are we about to crash?” as she kicked off her shoes and banged on the cockpit.

The Frontier Airlines flight from Denver to Portland was still on the runway on Monday when the woman suddenly leapt out her seat and began to panick.

She then shouts: “Are we going to die?” and “We’re all losing oxygen” as an air hostess tries to calm her down.

The passenger who took the footage – who wanted to remain anonymous – told FOX31 he first saw the woman inside Denver Airport acting erratically.

He said when she got on the plane she tried to pry open an overhead panel and pull out an oxygen mask.

He said: “At that point she had enough and she jumped out of her seat, jumped over the person closest to the aisle.”

He said he stopped recording the incident because the woman began to strip naked.

He added: “There were no clothes. Not even socks.”

A Frontier Airlines spokesman confirmed the flight was sent back to the gate and that police officers escorted a passenger off the flight.

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