[WATCH] This New Camera Angle Will Show What The Gorilla Really Did After The Boy Fell In

[WATCH] This New Camera Angle Will Show What The Gorilla Really Did After The Boy Fell In

This video changed my mind. Does it change yours?

The internet is abuzz with a tragic event that transpired just this Saturday when a 4-year-old boy tumbled into a Gorilla enclosure at a Zoo located in Cincinnati, Ohio.  The event brewed major controversy across the world when a 17-year-lb 450 lb innocent male Gorilla was executed by zoo employees in order to save the life of the 4-year-old boy and return him safely to his mother.

It’s hard to put tip the scale on which life carried more value. A boy’s or that of an innocent Gorilla, and the proper course of action that really should have been taken.  Animal rights activists and lovers are voicing their opinions loudly in the favor that the animal meant the child no harm, and in a previous case in the late 90s, when a similar event occurred, the Gorilla cradled the child until the employees retrieved the child and returned him safely to his mother.  As a result, they feel that the animal was killed unjust-fully, and it could have simply been tranquilized instead of executed. However, on the other side of the table, another group debates that Gorilla’s can be dangerous beasts and could have easily dismembered or killed the little boy, and that no risk should have been taken.  They cite that the gorilla viciously dragged the child through the water, and when tranquilizing the gorilla, the child could have been gravely hurt if the gorilla became alarmed.


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