While More Cry For Minimum-Wage Increase, Wal-Mart Just Made This Huge Announcement

As people continue to cry for higher money and less work, companies will continue to use technology to their advantage in any way possible to save a buck. We have seen it with Wendy’s And Mcdonald’s and their rollout of self-service pay stations, well now Wal-Mart may be devising a way to reduce labor costs without sacrificing productivity.

From Business Insider:

Walmart is getting into the drone game.

The drone technology will be replacing the jobs of inventory quality assurance employees, cutting inventory checks across massive distribution centers (the one in Bentonville is 1.2 million square feet) from one month down to a single day.Natarajan said that the technology is six to nine months from maturation. Because it is still in the early development phase, there is not yet a specific launch plan, but Walmart is planning to integrate the drones into all of its distribution centers. The company also noted that employees who served as inventory checkers will be given new job opportunities to ensure a smooth transition.

So go ahead and keep pushing it, the machines are more than happy to take our places. What do you think?

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