Liberals IRATE About X-Men Poster Being Sexist, Internet Delivers Hilarious Response

Just leave it to these wussified liberals to find a science fiction movie poster sexist. Check out what they are crying about now.

According to Young Conservatives:

Political Correctness has ruined everything. It has taken everything and twisted it into nothing but nonsense. Liberals have become so much more racist and sexist over time without even realizing it.

They have basically infantilized women and minorities to the point where they incessantly defend them against completely insignificant things which basically implies that they can’t handle sticking up for themselves.

 The new X-Men movie that has recently been released had an ad campaign on billboards with a photo of one particular scene where the villain is choking one of the heroes.

Again, it’s just a movie and to say it is sexist is a stretch. And by stretch, I mean absolutely nuts.

So you are upset about a woman getting choked?  Does that mean it would have been totally cool if a man was being choked? How sexist is that?!

Also, this character doesn’t even die in the movie and these are two monsters that aren’t even people.

You can make an argument that you don’t like violence being depicted like this but to say it is sexist might be the most sexist thing ever.

Someone online came up with an ad that might be more suitable for the sensitive left.

Will this make the leftist lunatics feel better now, or will they cry that the blouse is cut too low?

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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