Did This Terrorist Propaganda Video Reveal Obama’s TRUE Religion

In this day and age, slickly produced terror videos have sadly become a dime a dozen. It seems that intelligence operations against terrorist groups are so ineffective that radicals are able to safely edit hateful propaganda videos on Final Cut Pro and upload them to social media.

However, among the more interesting terror videos we saw recently was this one from Al-Shabaab, a terrorist group linked to Al Qaeda that operates in East Africa.

The video was subtly titled, “Whoever Changes His Religion, Kill Him.” That sentiment, needless to say, was unsurprising from a group of murderous Islamist nutcases. However, one of the people they included in the video was highly surprising.

Take a look at one of the people they say should be killed for changing his religion. You may notice him in the upper right.

Yes, that’s none other than President Barack Obama.

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