Footage Emerges Of Knife Wielding Man Being Gunned Down By Police, Brother Claims “He Was Not Threatening Officers”

A video has emerged showing an El Salvadorean immigrant armed with a knife charging at a police officer near Boston seconds before the cop shot him dead.

Mario Mejia Martinez, 48, was gunned down in Everett, a town in Massachusetts not far from Boston on April 21.

Mr Martinez’s brother Jose Joaquin, 37, said he did not believe he was threatening the officer.

But the district attorney has released new surveillance video which would seem to support the officer’s claim. 

CCTV shows US police officer fatally shooting knife-wielding man

The video shows the suspect, Mario Mejia Martinez, approaching a police officer who then opens fire on him.

The DA also isolated a picture from one of the cameras they say shows Mejia Martinez holding a knife when he approaches the officer.

Police later recovered the knife from the scene.

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