Major Retailer Slammed For Making Father’s Day Ad Honoring Women

Being a man is not something to be proud of in this day and age. From Sarah Silverman apologizing to a woman who just gave birth for having a boy, to men getting kicked out of college just for being accused of rape, team phallus isn’t very well looked upon.

Apparently, this disrespect also falls unto fathers.

#EndFathersDay may have been a hoax birthed forth from the maw that is 4chan, but despite that being fake, the sentiment is somewhat real. It’s exhibited, not just from a few angry tweets and hoards of SJW tumblr posts, but by corporations.

You’ll recall last year that the toilet paper company, Angel Soft, made a video called “Happy Father’s Day, Mom.” In it, a few people give tear filled testimonials about how amazing their mothers are…on Father’s Day.

While this definitely would have been a touching video on Mother’s Day, on a day meant to salute and show appreciation toward fathers, it’s somewhat insulting. The public agreed, as the video has comments disabled and currently sits with over 7,300 thumbs down, compared to its 1,500 thumbs up.

Well, apparently Old Navy wasn’t watching, as they’ve gone and made a very similar mistake. Appearing in their store for a short time was a shirt that read “It’s Father’s Day,” but looking closely it says “It’s Her Day” in the bold letters.

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