[WATCH] Guy’s Reaction To His Girlfriend Caught Cheating

[WATCH] Guy's Reaction To His Girlfriend Caught Cheating

Some believe that all women do this after a year or so, once they get bored in the relationship…


A little background on how this was setup… Eric told us where his girlfriend works, and around the time she usually goes into work… we had the homie JayStar hang out outside of her work, until she showed up… we caught her just before she got into work…

As the song goes… “These hoes ain’t loyal!”

This was embarrassing to say the least…  “I’d have thought that girls would be more difficult to chat up…!”
LOL only if you’re a gripey little b*tch who gets all butt-hurt and starts whining like a pussy – why do I get the feeling such behavior is something of a regularity with him? A regularity she may well be getting fed up with as he’s become more and more complacent and as a result acts less and less like the man she originally fell for…

Also, I love his self-sabotaging reaction to the fact that the dude hitting on her is (apparently…) a “rapper” – as if that’s the end-all-be-all trump card for getting women to unanimously abandon pasty white dudes :P
If he’s gonna let this goofball’s being (again, apparently…) a “rapper” be such a powerplay, he might as well take that idiotic attitude to is logical conclusion and say, “Aww man, he’s black AND he’s a RAPPER?? Fuck, how am I supposed to compete with THAT? That’s like, Level 94 Charisma, and I’m only Level 44! I’ll bet he has the Lady Killer Perk, too! I guess I’ll give him the rest of my condoms, then…”

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