[WATCH] St. Louis County Bomb Squad ROBOT Detonates Suspicious Packages At Mercy Hospital

[WATCH] St. Louis County Bomb Squad ROBOT Detonates Suspicious Packages At Mercy Hospital

This robot technology is incredible!

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Both directions of I-270 were shut down for three hours after suspicious packages were discovered at Mercy Hospital at around 11am. The interstate was shutdown between Ladue Road and I-64 and drivers were forced to exit or wait.

Mercy Hospital tweets, “Two potentially explosive devices found on Mercy campus. Both away from building; no patients or co-workers are in harm’s way at this time.  Out of abundance of caution, and to ensure the safety of our patients & co-workers, our ER is diverting patients to other facilities.”

Two suspicious packages were discovered on the hospital’s campus.   An Emergency Room technician discovered a potentially dangerous items on an incoming patient’s property. The employee walked the item and duffle bag outside to the sidewalk and the “item” to the helicopter landing pad.

Police say that person who brought the items to the campus did not threaten anyone at the hospital.  The man in his 50’s was at the hospital for a mental health evaluation.  The duffel bag and the “item” wrapped in cloth are his property.  Investigators are not sure why he brought the items to the hospital.  He is cooperating with law enforcement.

The St. Louis County Bomb and Arson unit deployed a robot and investigators in bomb suits to investigate the suspicious packages.  They detonated the item on the helicopter landing pad.  The duffel bag was then x-rayed and examined by the bomb robot.  A bomb squad investigator eventually opened up the bag.  He pulled several pieces of clothing from the bag.

Police say they shut down the highway as a precaution.  The proximity to the highway was within their 300 feet. If there was an explosive device then drivers would have been affected.

People are being allowed to leave the hospital.  The campus is not on lockdown.  But the emergency room is closed.

Source: Facebook, Fox2Now

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