[WATCH] Small Handgun Is Only Defense Against Giant Home Invader With A Machete

[WATCH] Small Handgun Is Only Defense Against Giant Home Invader With A Machete

Can you imagine watching your door being easily kicked in this easily? Could you make the shot?

A aggravated man with a Machete, kicked in an apartment door Feb. 2014. The lunatic was shot three times after he kicked in a neighbors door and came at the occupants with a machete.

It has been reported, that two couples, one upstairs and the other downstairs should be charged with disturbing the peace and aggravating the poor man to complete distraction. They purposely played music as loud as it would go to try and run the man crazy and hopefully he would move. This went on for over a whole year!!! They baited him. He had been out of work for months and no hopes of a job. His bills were piling up yet he had no way of moving. He had a traumatic brain Injury and was suffering from PTSI, the same way as soldiers do that have been in conflict. His was from a car accident and twenty seven days in a coma and absolutely no therapy over the years. He was examined by a Clinical Psychologist since he has been in jail. I don’t know why they don’t get him into some kind of psychiatric program of the Veterans Administration as he is an Army Veteran.

The 6th District Court Judge Robert Naftz sentenced Twain Thomas, 54, to a five-year fixed sentence in the state penitentiary, and 10 years indeterminate on several counts of aggravated assault and attempted murder in the second degree.

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