Since Ramadan Began 10 Days Ago, There Have Been 11 Attacks And Hundreds Left Dead

Ramadan is the holiest month in all of Islam.

While it’s a time for Muslims to fast and pray, they’re also encouraged to:

  • Not swear,
  • Gossip,
  • Complain,
  • And be kind to others.

For most Muslims, Ramadan is essentially a time to purify themselves and reaffirm their commitment to God.

Yet, the peaceful month that it’s supposed to be – has been far from peaceful.

Here’s what happened since Ramadan kicked off on June 5th.

On June 5th, in Afghanistan:


Image Credit: Saha Marai/Getty Images/AFP

Taliban terrorists fired a rocket propelled grenade at a Humvee that was carrying an Afghan reporter and American photojournalist David Gilkey. Both the reporter and Gilkey died as a result of the attack.

A second attack happened in Afghanistan on the 5th when Taliban gunmen opened fire on a courthouse – killing 6.

On June 7th, in Iraq:

 ISIS committed a massacre near a shopping center in Karbala, Iraq, via car bomb. The explosion took 10 lives.

On June 9th, in Israel:

Two attackers dressed to blend in with the Israeli crowd at a place for dining in Tel Aviv. As patrons were eating, the gunmen drew their weapons and opened fire.

One witness told CNN:

“People were having coffee. I saw a birthday cake on one of the tables. And then you see the chairs upside down and glass shattered and blood all over.”

Four people were killed.

On the same day in Iraq:

Two suicide bombers hit separate areas of Baghdad. One was a neighborhood and the other was an Iraqi Army checkpoint. 31 people were killed.


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