Mom With Incurable Cancer Beats Odds And Gives Birth To Healthy Baby

There was no room for a happy ending, it seemed. Jillian O’Connor was diagnosed with an incurable breast cancer in the middle of her pregnancy. Doctors warned that she would die before even giving birth unless she began treatment. The only problem was the treatments that would prolong her life could potentially harm the baby.

Many mothers in Jillian’s position choose to stop treatment to have their children. Jillian didn’t have much of a choice.

Without treatment, she and the baby would die; with treatment, she would be gambling with both of their lives. Although she admits many were skeptical of her decision, Jillian took the risk.

“I honestly can’t believe it. When I look at him and see how perfect he is — it’s incredible,” Jillian told CBC News. “There were so many odds against him.”

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