Green Beret Rips Michael Moore’s RIDICULOUS Gun Tweets In Scatching Letter

Following the Orlando massacre, grease blob Michael Moore decided to take a break from eating Cheetos to bestow upon the world more of his epically retarded anti-gun rhetoric. Taking to Twitter to show everyone how devoid of facts Liberals truly are when it comes to anything gun-related, Moore blasted out the following ridiculous Tweets:

Green Beret Bryan Sikes caught wind of Moore’s Tweets and instantly went into rant mode.

“To my tenderfoot buddy, Michael Moore —

Sitting in the airport last night on my way home from an outdoor/sporting optics/firearms/ammunition/archery industry event, I came across your little gem of a Tweet. Must be nice to be totally ignorant to reality while rolling around in your ego and corporate-made money while the rest of us work and actually contribute something to society. The same society you prey upon for your monetary gain by way of ill-informedVirulant posts, tweets and junk movie productions you refer to as “documentaries.”

Admittedly, I have a hard time with trying to figure out who’s more clueless, you or those that like your tweets. Your Ammo tweet ranks high as one of the dumbest statements ever made by a clueless Hollywood type about the gun topic. Without going into too much detail, literally every single thing in that tweet is completely incorrect.

Calories have done more damage to you than any caliber has. The Geneva Conventions? Seriously, someone had to have hacked your Twitter account, you can’t really be that stupid.

Lastly, I don’t think you could change a tire, let alone change a semi-auto to a full auto. Let’s not continue to perpetuate insanely stupid “Moore Factoids” — it just makes it harder for your millennial Moron fan base. I mean, some of them actually think you’ve got a clue. I have to believe that being King Turd on Shit Mountain is getting old, so come on down, reality and an informed perspective are waiting.”

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