[WATCH] Young Mother Mortified To Find Her Pregnancy Photos Used As Adult Website Promo!

(Scroll down for video) A mother said that she was shocked when someone stole her pregnancy bump photos from social media and posted them to an adult website.

25-year-old Meg Ireland of Australia, is warning mothers-to-be around the world about the dark side of social networks.

Ireland said that she posted photos of her pregnancy on her social media account, which was set to private. However, someone took the photos and posted it to a preggophilia website, which is a porn website for people who like pregnant women.

The mother was altered to the stolen photos by another woman who read an article about the website. The article was accompanied by a photo of Ireland.

After doing some research, Ireland learned that 15 of her pregnancy photos were shared to that website. She said that the photos were removed only after she threatened the website administrators with a lawsuit.

Ireland went on Facebook, where she warned others about photos being stolen from social media, which are being used by perverted people.

She wrote: “This bump pictures along with 15 other pictures of mine ended up on an online preggophilia site, which is a porn site for people who like pregnant women.

“I see so many people upload their bump pictures, and now I just gasp and hope to God that they don’t get into the hands of someone who shouldn’t.

“We shouldn’t have to worry about people stealing our photos, but unfortunately, it happens all the time!

“People who were uploading pictures of their wives to other users, brothers-in-law uploading pictures of their sisters-in-law and women uploading pictures of their work colleagues!

“I literally couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

“Who was I to blame for this? People would say I should only blame myself for uploading personal pictures and that it was my own fault (even though my profile was then private).

“I see it differently. I didn’t care that someone had screenshot my photos to show someone, but what they did with my photos made me physically sick to my stomach.

“Why should we have to sit and worry about this when uploading a photo on our social media sites? Please be cautious about who follows or adds you. Block them if they look like a creepy person,” she wrote on Facebook.

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