[BREAKING] 3 Arrested With Multiple Loaded Guns, Knives, And Body Armor at Holland Tunnel Heading To NYC

Reports of another foiled terror attempt, this time in NYC. What will the Obama Administration have to say about this?

According to NBC News

Three people were arrested with multiple loaded guns, rifles and ballistic vests at the Holland Tunnel Tuesday when police stopped them for driving with a cracked windshield, authorities tell NBC 4 New York.

The three individuals, two men in their 50s and a woman in her 20s who may be from Pennsylvania, were stopped on the New Jersey side of the tunnel around 8 a.m., authorities said. A search of their vehicle revealed the weapons cache.

The guns seized included long-range weapons as well as handguns. A camouflage helmet with what appeared to be night goggles was also recovered.

Two senior law enforcement officials say the three suspects are so-called “gun enthusiasts” and have no nexus to terror. There is no known threat.

The investigation is ongoing.

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