[VIDEO] Westboro Church Members Attempt To Disrupt Marines Funeral, Thankfully Some Bikers Show Up

How can you claim to be Christian and treat others the way these imposters do?  How in the world is it Biblical to act this way? There is no verse in the Bible that tells us to delight in others suffering. That is Evil and of the Devil.

According to The Political Insider:

But thank God, a group of unlikely heroes has risen from the dust. The Patriot Guard has made it their personal mission to protect the families of our fallen men and women of service. Bikers by the hundreds (many of them veterans themselves) go to the funerals to form a shield between the hateful protestors and grieving families. Their actions display their loyal devotion to the brave men and women of America.

The Patriot Guard deserve our thanks and prayers. The Marines deserve our respect, especially after giving the ultimate sacrifice.

Thank you, Patriot Guard for saving the day!

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