Orlando Killer Receives Traditional Islamic Funeral…

Terrorist Omar Mateen, 29, received a traditional Islamic burial this week in a Sunni Muslim cemetery located more than three hours south of Pulse, the gay Orlando nightclub where he took the lives of 49 innocent people.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Mateen’s body was prepared for burial by the Riyadh Ul Jannah Funeral Home, which lists itself as “a Muslim funeral home for the sole use of Sunni Muslims” on its website. His death certificate was issued on Wednesday afternoon.

Mateen’s body was buried in the Muslim Cemetery of South Florida in Hialeah Gardens, which furnishes the same address. Riyadh Ul Jannah is part of a non-profit foundation called the Bism Rabbik Foundation Inc.

Local outlet WPTV also broke the news that Mateen was given a traditional Islamic burial within the last 48 hours in the state of Florida, although there were no other details regarding his remains.

Mateen’s death certificate notes that his father Seddique Mateen or Mir Seddique, picked his son’s body up from the Orange County Medical Examiner’s Office (OCMEO). Carrie Proudfit, a public information officer for Orange County told the Sentinel that a body must be released to family members who then make specific arrangements.

Under Islamic law, cremation and embalming are forbidden.

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