[VIDEO] How Much Time Do You Have To React To A Punch?

[VIDEO] How Much Time Do You Have To React To A Punch?

This is why you have to keep your hands up!

Great video here from Rampart Self Defense Academy! Good Active Self Protection in this video. It’s a bit long and repetitive in the beginning but shows you the difference in speed of various kinds of punches. The payoff at the end of how to be ready for the attack is worth it!!

1. Action is always faster than reaction. You can’t react to a 200ms punch in time. Realize it. Train to avoid it.

2. Your ability to defend yourself in close quarters depends on readiness. Never let an aggressor inside contact distance without being on high alert and at the ready to protect yourself.

3. You should have a “hands high” ready position that doesn’t look threatening or escalate the conflict. Think about palms out, fingers splayed, soft voice, kind words. That’s a great place to be ready to block and counterattack from. -Active Self Protection

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