[VIDEO] 86yo Veteran, Reunited With This Piece Of History 63yrs After An Accident That Almost Killed Him

n 1953, Bill Awalt was an army combat engineer fighting in the Korean War. He was only 22 years old when he almost lost his leg during an accident while in Japan.

The next thing he remembered was waking up in a Japanese hospital bed. He wrote a letter to his family in Halifax, Nova Scotia, to let them know what happened to him, but the letter never arrived.

Sixty-three years later, Bill got a letter in the mail that immediately took him back to his time in the war. The envelope was the one he’d written on back in 1953 while lying in that hospital bed! However, the letter he penned was nowhere to be found. The Canada Post found his envelope and wrote him a letter of their own.

Part of the Canada Post’s letter reads: “This wonderful piece of history was found in the regular mailstream as is. We here at Canada Post would love it if it ended up finding it’s [sic] rightful family! Thank you!”

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