Liberals Cry Racism Forcing Red Cross To Apologize For Safety Poster

PC culture is so far out of control now and nothing is safe. The latest example of liberals overreacting comes from the New York Daily News regarding a pool safety poster from the Red Cross. 

According to Weasel Zippers via New York Daily News:

Not cool, American Red Cross.

The humanitarian organization apologized and worked to remove a swim safety poster critics described as “super racist” — showing black children committing pool infractions as white children are shown acting appropriately.

The illustration, titled “Be cool, follow the rules,” features children playing in the pool, with arrows designating “cool” and “not cool” behavior.

The “not cool” actions include a black girl pushing another girl into the water, a black boy diving into the water, another boy gasping for air, children running near the lifeguard’s stand, and a man walking with a bottle.

The family of Margaret Sawyer was among the poster’s most vocal critics on social media, complaining after seeing the illustration at town pools in California and Colorado.

“Staff at both of these city pools had never noticed anything wrong with this poster,” she wrote on Facebook. “Horrifying that children across the country are absorbing this message.”

“Hey @RedCross, send a new pool poster … [because] the current one they have [with] your name on it is super racist,” John Sawyer added on Twitter. […]

“We deeply apologize for any misunderstanding, as it was absolutely not our intent to offend anyone,” The American Red Cross said in the statement.

Liberals are sick, no one in their right mind would look at something like that and cry racism. The major problem in their logic is while they point out other people’s racism, they expose their own with the actions they take. I don’t know about you, but I can’t deal with the level of stupid these days.

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