Brainteaser! Try To Find The Letter ‘C’ In Less Than Seven Seconds

Everyone loves games. Whether you win or lose, it’s always about having fun, testing yourself, and enjoying the experience as a whole. It certainly makes things way more fun when you do win, though.

So when we came across this fun and quick game that tests your searching abilities, we knew we had to share it with you. The premise is simple enough: There are a whole lot of “O’s” in the picture and just one single “C,” and if you can find that “C” in less than seven seconds, then you’re as good at finding things as a search and rescue dog.

Not only is this game quick, but you’ll have fun testing yourself to see just how quick your eyes can dart around the screen. Make sure to get your timer out and see how quickly you can find that annoying little hidden letter below!

And please SHARE this silly game with all your friends to see how quick their eyes are!

Get your timer out! See if you can spot the letter “C” in less than seven seconds. If you do, you’re a genius!

Just about everyone loves trying to figure out optical illusions. Just like the famous picture of the couple hugging — no one could figure out what was going on with their legs!

Or when LEGO released a picture of a single dog hidden within a bunch of panda bears. Some people gave up, but other people ended up finding him

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