[WATCH] Man Squeezes Out Of Jail Cell Through Food Hatch, Now Called ‘The Snake Man’

This CCTV video is like something from the X-files…

Prison officials were left red-faced in the Republic of Dagestan after a prisoner escaped his cell be squeezing through the hatch in the door and the whole thing was recorded on CCTV.

How did he fit through? Naked prisoner escapes from his prison cell – then gets dressed and walks out

Astonishing CCTV footage shows the moment the anonymous man slides through his cell observation window at around 4.30am

This is the shocking moment a naked man squeezed his way through a prison cell window.

The bizarre CCTV clip, which was filmed in Dagestan, Russia, shows the lean suspect pushing his way through the tiny hole at around 4.30am on Saturday.

For two minutes of the footage, the escapee appears to have his hips wedged in the slot, unable to break free.

However the clip, which emerged online on Sunday, soon shows the man sliding out of the gap and on to the floor.

The prisoner appears to have his hips stuck in the slot
Ready to make a run for it, the slippery suspect leans back through the observation window and grabs his clothing and shoes.

The clip, which has been viewed more than 63,000 times in 24 hours, then shows the man astonishingly standing up and walking off down the corridor.

It is not yet know how far he managed to travel before being caught.

After sliding out of the observation window, the suspect gets dressed and walks off
Online commenters questioned what the suspects movements would be following his grand escape.

One said: “Now what is he going to do? Walk over to a guard and talk his way out?”

Another commented: “After years of planning he realised that after he got out of his cell, he is still inside the prison.”


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