[WATCH] Boy Prom Queen Outrage: ‘Non-binary’ Kid Crowned Prom Queen, Females Angry

[WATCH] Boy Prom Queen Outrage: ‘Non-binary’ Kid Crowned Prom Queen, Females Angry

Now THIS is a cat fight! I wonder if he got his dress at Target?


Girls at a New York performing arts school are raging on social media after a boy was crowned prom queen.

Matthew Crisson, 18, self-identifies as non-binary, meaning neither male nor female, but that didn’t stop him becoming prom queen at the La Guardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts, the New York Post reported. The school is best known for inspiring the 1980 movie “Fame”.

“I know I go to LaGuardia because a boy won prom queen,” one girl whined on Facebook.

“It just sucks that men win everything and we thought we at least deserved [to win prom queen],” wailed another.

Well, those girls should know that if you’ve got big dreams and you want fame, that fame costs.

Prom king Kristion Matas leapt to Matthew’s defense after more than 500 homophobic comments appeared on a now deleted Facebook post.

Some might say cattiness and diva-ish tantrums are normal behaviour for drama students. But is there really any reason why the prom queen has to be a student who identifies as female?

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