10 Obama ‘Refugees’ Found Guilty Of Terror In US – Here’s What The Media Won’t Tell You

We were distracted by the Orlando attack and the Media hid this from us…

In the beginning of June, one of the biggest terror trials of Islamic immigrants turned would-be jihadis came to a close in Minnesota, and all of the men involved were found guilty. The case was overshadowed by the Orlando terror attack, and while it was covered in the media, they overlooked one majorly troubling aspect of the entire case.

Breitbart News is reporting that the case ended in four guilty verdicts for four of the men and the other six pleaded guilty to terror-related charges. The case went largely unnoticed by the media establishment, but even those that did report about it intentionally overlooked something very troubling about the Somali community in Minnesota – it appears to have a much larger terror problem than just the ten men who were tried and convicted.

More from Breitbart:

But according to Scott W. Johnson, writing for City Journal, the atmosphere around the trial needs to be reported on, too, because it seemed from his firsthand experience that the local Muslim community did not blame the convicted jihadis for the charges. Instead, they acted as if these young men were just being persecuted by an out-of-control government intent on sending innocent Muslims to jail.

Johnson described the intense security the government had arranged for the safety of all concerned, yet even with the high level of security, the brother of one of the defendants was caught trying to smuggle six-inch-long scissors into the courtroom. The same man was also seen apparently casing the exits and elevators of the courthouse. Officials eventually banned him from the building until the trial was over.

This young man was not the only person to be banished from the courthouse as authorities had to take that measure with others who showed a desire to disrupt the proceedings.

Johnson also witnessed the hijab-wearing girlfriend of one of the defendants attempting to beat up her boyfriend’s mother because he was cooperating with authorities.

In other words, these people embraced the jihadists while condemning our government for prosecuting them for their crimes. Donald Trump was right when he said that there’s something bad happening in Muslim communities, and while it may not be all of them, the ones that do have the issue pose a real threat to our nation.

Johnson noted that it wasn’t only the few disrupters that took issue with the case, and he made a shocking observation about the community as a whole.

Perhaps most shocking to me was what utterly ordinary members of the Minnesota Somali community the defendants and their friends appeared to be. So far as I can tell, Somali culture is alien and hostile to the United States. Many among the local Somali community considered the defendants to be persecuted innocents entrapped by the government. It would be unduly charitable to characterize the attitude as willful blindness.

With the roughly 100,000 Somali Muslims that were imported to Minnesota by the Obama administration, this could mean serious trouble. There could be countless potential terrorists within their community, and we wouldn’t be any the wiser since it’s obvious they’re not going to say something if they see something.

Plus, as we saw with Orlando and San Bernardino, the FBI is pretty much hamstringed by political correctness when it comes to investigating those within the Muslim community, which allows potential terrorists to operate with impunity and without fear that those within their own community will report them. If that’s not a recipe for total disaster, then I’m not entirely sure what is.

All of this happening while many refugees are practicing Sharia law, and not interacting at all with any locals. Video below:


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