This Shocking Map Shows How Much Your State Is Spending On Illegals – Prepare To Be Angry

The amount of money that YOU ARE PAYING will astonish you…



California pays an enormous amount.

Don’t forget, that’s a state that is trillions of dollars in debt when you factor in unfunded liabilities.

Here’s more.

From Federalist Papers:

Unfortunately, the border around the welfare state today is about as weak as our actual border. Illegal immigrants are a burden, and welfare is the least of our worries. Of all Federal outlays on illegal immigrants, 27% is devoted towards “administration of justice,” while 21% is medical, an 29% are “general expenditures.” Only 16% of costs are public assistance. At the State level, almost all the costs are related to education, Medicaid, and justice.

Plus, illegal immigrants who have children here will have children who are legal citizens. They’re thus entitled to an even larger array of benefits, which itself is a cost of illegal immigration even if this one doesn’t turn up in the statistics for illegal immigrant costs. The total cost of illegal immigration is $113 billion a year at the federal, state, and local level, but the vast majority of the costs ($84 billion) are taken by state and local governments.

As you’d expect, liberal states who are soft on illegal immigration are voluntarily shooting themselves in the foot when you consider the cost. You can see in the table below what illegal immigration is costing taxpayers in your state.

If anyone every says illegal immigration is perfectly fine, show them this! Then let them know about the large amounts of people having to withdraw money from their retirement fund just to make ends meat so these thieves can enjoy the luxuries of the US, ILLEGALLY.

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