Putin’s 4th Of July Message To Obama

What does this message mean in light of recent confrontations between US and Russian Navy ships?

In a message sent to the White House on the Fourth of July, Russian President Vladimir Putin told the administration he would like to see stronger ties between the two nations.

The congratulatory Independence Day note to President Barack Obama stated Putin would like to mend relations – which have been increasingly tense since Russia’s 2014 annexation of the Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula. Putin thinks the “positive experience of the past would help to set the dialogue between Russia and the United States back on a constructive track.”

“The history of Russian-American relations shows that when we act as equal partners and respect each other’s lawful interests, we are able to successfully resolve the most complex international issues for the benefit of both countries’ peoples and all of humanity,” Putin wrote, according to The Hill.

The message was a change of tune from the Kremlin’s recent allegations a U.S. Navy ship came dangerously close to one of its combat ships.

Source: Daily Caller

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