Tyranny? New York Passed Anti-Terrorist Registry – But it is NOT What it Seems

Tyranny? New York Passed Anti-Terrorist Registry – But it is NOT What it Seems

No trial. No due process. They just add your name to the list?

According to New York officials, they want to keep New Yorkers safe. So they came up with a brilliant plan to ensure that happens [please note sarcasm here]. Passed by the New York State Senate, they have created an Anti-Terrorist Registry similar to a sex offender registry. However, there is a huge difference. A very disturbing difference. One that may end up affecting every United States citizen.

“The deterioration of the security situation overseas and the growing number of attacks at home, including the barbaric attack this week in Orlando, it is clear we are under attack.   Law enforcement and New Yorkers are not being unreasonable in demanding convicted terrorists be registered,” said Senator Croci. “CNN reported last year that FBI Director James Comey asked state and local law enforcement to help the FBI keep tabs on hundreds of individuals.  We must give our police and law enforcement agencies every tool we can.  We should know if the person living next door is a convicted terrorist.

Note, the terrorists that have attacked the United States were never convicted of any terrorism. THAT is very very important. They never would have been placed on this registry!

The national and local sex offender registries contain individuals convicted of a sex crime. Convicted is the key word here. This Anti-Terrorist Registry will contain the names, photos, fingerprints and so on, of those suspected of terrorism. Suspected. Not convicted. According to the State of New York, 3464 2015-2016 Regular Sessions IN SENATE:


Click HERE to read the full bill. While it is quite long, I highly suggest you read it fully.

In summary, this is basically saying that without due process according to the Constitution of the United States and without conviction, you could be placed upon a terrorist registry list. We already know that patriots across the country are probably on a number of federal lists. Gun owners already are and we know how the government feels about us! The United States Government has a growing list of ‘domestic terrorists’ who have never been convicted of anything nor engaged in any terrorist activities, but they believe we are culpable in engaging in terrorist activities because they are 1. gun owners and 2. outspoken, passionate and defensive of our great Nation. The word terrorist has it’s own meaning under the tyrannical leftist/progressive United States Government and it certainly does not mean one must have committed a crime. There is not a damn thing any of us can do about it. Meanwhile, how many muslims do you think are on that list?

While this is only happening in New York, you know how fast these Unconstitutional bills sweep across the country. It is highly freighting how they easily manipulate and brainwash the population by passing seemingly innocent bills under the guise of ‘protecting the people’, that are actually a cover to strip away every Constitutional right we are granted. New York is telling everyone that this list is only for convicted terrorists. But how many people are actually reading the fine lines of this bill and are awake enough to know that any one of us could end up labeled a terrorist?

We the People need to continue to stand up against these blowhard, anti-America, Tyrants. Stand loud and proud – even if it gets you on some domestic terrorist registry!

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