[VIDEO] Two Women Fight Over A Slot Machine Then One Of Them Goes All ‘Mike Tyson’

[VIDEO] Two Women Fight Over A Slot Machine Then One Of Them Goes All 'Mike Tyson'

Surveillance video caught the entire episode so there is no doubt about her ear…

Police say a woman attempted to bite off another woman’s ear in an argument over a machine at a local casino.

The Oklahoma City Police Department says 56-year-old Berdie Jean Fleming was arrested July 4 on complaints of maiming and assault and battery.

Police reports show the victim was sitting and playing slot machines at Remington Park with her husband and not having much luck so she moved to a nearby machine that had just been vacated by Fleming.

The victim told police the machine had no balance and no belongings were left in the area. She then began playing and won $25. Fleming then returned to the machine and began yelling at the victim and claiming that the money belonged to her.

The victim then asked Fleming to leave and Fleming allegedly leaned in and began biting the victim’s left ear. The victim tells FOX 25 it took 30 stitches and three hours for the doctors to sew her ear lobe back on. She’s not even sure if that will save it.

Police then watched surveillance of the incident and then took Fleming into custody and booked her into the Oklahoma County Jail. Remington Park released the following statement on the incident.

“The safety of our guests at Remington Park is of utmost importance. Our security team reacted swiftly to Monday evening’s incident and assisted local police as they conducted their investigation. At this time we would direct any questions to the appropriate law enforcement agency.”

Source: KTUL

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