Armed Intruder Meets Homeowner With Machete: Both Injured But One PERMANENTLY

Armed Intruder Meets Homeowner With Machete: Both Injured But One PERMANENTLY

After a life and death struggle, this guy lost parts he won’t regain…

A Pennsylvania home invasion went wrong for the intruder, who lost a hand when the a man living at the house defended himself with a machete. The retribution has fans of instant justice giving the machete wielding man a big hand.

The hand lopping happened in Northampton, PA, late Saturday. 28-year-old Troy Imbody had left the basement doors unlocked and gone to bed.


Two men in masks entered the basement and began to harass Troy, said Robert Imbody, Troy’s father. The attackers shot Troy repeatedly with a BB gun. Troy fought back and cut off one of the attackers’ hands with a machete.


Troy’s father described the attack as a “life or death struggle.” Troy Imbody had BBs “lodged in his head and chest,” Robert Imbody said.


After losing his hand, the man fled the scene and his accomplice followed. When a man was dropped off at the E.R. about half an hour later, the hospital staff became a bit suspicious.

Now the man missing a hand has found himself with a whole set of charges handed to him.

Northampton Borough Police Chief Ronald Morey has not yet identified the suspect, but intends to charge him aggravated assault, simple assault, burglary, criminal trespass and reckless endangerment. And there won’t be any need to take fingerprints.

A second man, who was also involved in the invasion, was also arrested. “We found the [second] person without incident,” Capt. Reinik of the Allentown Police said.

Police are still looking for a motive. Though it is being characterized as a burglary, nothing was stolen.

Troy Imbody went to the same hospital to have the BBs removed from his head and chest, and he managed to resist the temptation to cut off the man’s other hand. The attacker, perhaps for his own safety, was then moved to another hospital.

Later on Sunday, someone hung signs on the front door of Troy’s apartment. They are the icing on this cake, and–as you may be able to see in this blurred out image–they are rather direct.  “Come with two, leave with one” says one, and “Beware of Troy.”


Source: Controversial Times

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