New VIDEO Shows Man Taking School Shooter’s Gun, Then Returning To Take His Knife

New VIDEO Shows Man Taking School Shooter's Gun, The Returning To Take His Knife

This guy had a secret technique that allowed him to save so many lives…

My hat is off to Jon Meis, the student security guard who stopped this active killer on his campus! Excellent Active Self Protection to protect himself and every student on campus that day. His use of pepper spray versus a gun is unbelievable!

What does this brave student security guard teach us about defending ourselves against an active killer like this?

1Evil exists in our world, and no amount of wishing it away does so. Evil people do evil things, and good people must be ready and willing to stand between them and innocent people and do enough violence to stop them definitively. No amount of negotiation will make truly evil people change their ways; only those willing and able to stop them who use attitude, skills, and plan effectively can. This active killer was deranged and bent on killing people. He succeeded once and doubtless would have succeeded again if he wasn’t stopped by the brave student. –Active Self Protection

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