‘Goat Lives Matter’ Goes Viral After Out-Of-Control Highway Clash With Police

“We have been locked up for too long and will no longer tolerate this brutality…”

Police have shared a hilarious photo of a cop car being trampled by a troublesome herd of marauding goats.

The picture, taken by the Waroona Police in Western Australia, shows the car surrounded by at least 12 goats with two standing on the bonnet in a defiant display.

The act of animal disobedience was met with good humour by police, who captioned the photo: ‘Trying to keep the kids amused these school holidays?’

The picture was posted to Twitter on Tuesday but gained widespread attention after it was re-tweeted by the Today show.

‘Kids have absolutely no respect for authority these days,’ one commenter said.

Another said: ‘When the kids get on your goat call the cops to keep them out of mischief.’

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