WATCH Hillary Do This Same WACKY Move 406 Times While Bernie Endorsed Her Candidacy

WATCH Hillary Do This Same WACKY Move 406 Times While Bernie Endorsed Her Candidacy

It is like something from the toy store…

Despite Bernie Sanders previously stating that Hillary Clinton was “not qualified” to become President of the United States and later bashing her for taking tens of millions of dollars from special interest groups, the defeated geriatric Democratic candidate took the stage yesterday to make a surprising statement. The Vermont Senator ate his dignity, saying that he was finally throwing his support (and perhaps his back out) behind presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

“She will be the Democratic nominee for president, and I intend to do everything I can to make certain she will be the next President of the United States,” Sanders said, according to The Hill.

As Hillary beamed, drowning in her aura of narcissism, people who were present noticed her doing something strange as Sanders tried to convince his supporters to vote for the woman who destroyed his chance of becoming president. As Sanders gave accolades to Hillary, she stood beside Sanders nodding up and down like a bobblehead, agreeing with every word of praise for her own greatness.

Her head went up and down, nodding in concurrence at his words, an astounding 406 freaking times. Watch the incredible narcissism unfold below in this compilation video:

With no chance of Sanders becoming president, it will be interesting to see if Hillary can now garner the support of Bernie’s millennial followers, who eye her with suspicion and believe the system that got her the nomination was rigged.

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