Officer Shoots Black Lives Matter Home Invader Before Learning The Sad Truth About Who He Was

Policeman Shoots Black Lives Matter Home Invader Before Learning The Sad Truth About Who He Was

This cop did what he had to do but imagine how he must feel now that he knows who the intruder was…

An aggrieved 20-year-old Missouri man who ranted often on his Facebook page about the shootings of black men wound up dead late Saturday afternoon when he broke into the home of an off-duty cop and personal friend over an argument the two had online about “Black Lives Matter.”

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, after being turned away at the front door by the cop’s wife, the man, Tyler Gebhard, threw a 50-pound concrete planter through the cop’s back window and made his way inside.

As the cop’s wife and two children retreated to a bedroom, the unnamed officer confronted Gebhard and repeatedly told him to “get down, get down.”

Gebhard refused to reply, so the officer, who has been with the St. Louis Police Department for three years, fired several shots, killing him.

Back Window Of Off-Duty Cop's Home

“I don’t think the officer had a choice — I honestly don’t,” St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar said.

Even more tragic is the fact that Gebhard and the off-duty cop who killed him were friends who met in church. Moreover, several of Gebhard’s extended family are reportedly in law enforcement.

However, all of the racial nonsense spewed by the Black Lives Matter thugs apparently got to the young man, who reportedly had been struggling with mental health issues and taking medication.

Then during a heated argument about BLM on Facebook on Saturday, the young man suddenly snapped and began issuing threats to both the officer named and “uninvolved members of the community,” according to Belmar.

And then a short time later, he was dead.

While the blame for this young black man’s premature demise ultimately rests with himself, one can’t help but wonder whether this tragedy would not have occurred had Gebhard not been brainwashed by BLM’s anti-cop rhetoric …

Source: Conservative Tribune, Youtube, WZ


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