WATCH As A Black Cop Assaults & Harasses Disabled Veteran For Parking In Handicap Spot

Was the cop wrong in this case or is this man just trying to make a legal ruckus?

Cellphone footage brings charges against Sgt. Garry Wilson, a 20-year member of the department. The footage was taken by the victim Isiah James, a 10 year Army combat veteran who parked in a handicap parking spot at the Walgreens, 2501 Broadway, in Riviera Beach.

The sergeant yelled at James for parking in the spot, saying he did not believe he was disabled because he watch him walk into the Walgreens store.

James started to film the argument from the start. James yelled that it was not for Wilson to decide whether or not he was disabled, it was his job to check the place-card. The vet tells Wilson to run his disability place-card before the cop lunges forward and slaps his phone out his hand.

Wilson was placed on administrative leave after self-reporting the incident to his supervisors in August.

James served three tours with the Army in Afghanistan and Iraq between 2006 and 2011. He sustained a traumatic brain injury and wears braces on both of his legs, which makes it difficult for him to walk long distances. James received a 70% disability due to injuries in the line of duty.

The States Attorney’s Office opened the case in November following an investigation of the Aug. 9th 2015. Wilson is represented by longtime criminal defense attorney Scott Richardson, who has successfully defended area police officers and other high-profile cases.

Assistant State Attorney Marci Rex is leading the prosecution. Rex handles all public corruption cases in the state.

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